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Bowlero Scottsdale

Dimples wanted to go bowling for his birthday, and I figured a new place to go bowling was in order! We love our usual places like Uptown Alley and Main Event in Avondale, but I also love exploring new places.

bowledro scottsdale

The Bowlero we visited was at 101 and Mayo Blvd, right at the Phoenix/Scottsdale intersection. There are a few different Bowlero locations around the valley. When coming up with my list of where to receive free bowling on August 10th (my birthday and National bowling day), I realized that Bowlero, Brunswick, BowlMor and AMF are all part of the same company. I guess they are just different tiers of the same company. Bowlero seems more of a themed, kitschy type place.

shoes bowlero

There’s definitely a different vibe at Bowlero than at a regular bowling alley. There were horns, and a lot of red lighting and warm tones. From their website, it looks like you can reserve parties but not lanes.

arcade bowlmore

A good sized arcade was in one corner of the bowling alley with tons of different games. A machine that spit out cards in exchange for money (he he ) would allow you to play. We didn’t venture into the games to see the prices, but there were claw machines, video games, arcade games, air hockey and other types of prize winning games as well.

lounge areas

There was a lounge area, and tons of areas to get bowling balls. There were many bowling balls for smaller kids. Some of the bowling balls even had more than three holes drilled in them so that they could be used for multiple sized hands. One I used had a thumb sized for large and extra large. Double the usage for one ball!

The kids loved the bowling. There were auto bumpers that came up if you selected it. The graphics on the screen weren’t as fun as Main event, but there were TVs in the background and music going that kept the kids occupied. The seating was tight for five people, although three of the five were small. A very small table that looked like a surfboard served as an eating table if you ordered any food or drinks.

We didn’t get food, but some people around us did. It smelled and looked great. I did notice that it took a long time for people to get there food unfortunately. Not sure why, but something to keep in mind if you are not planning on staying for many games. Our kids usually are able to do about two games.

This cool car was near the restrooms and kids were playing in it! You can tell the vibe is pretty masculine (like what I did there?). I am not sure they really want kids playing in the car, but they didn’t tell kids to get out either.

I thought the signs for the bathrooms were very clever!

Bowlero during the day was very family friendly. There are bumpers and ramps for the smaller bowlers, bowling shoes for little ones and small, light balls as well. The food selection was great for kids palates as well. The biggest issue was the food speed, but otherwise it was a great time for our family and a nice change for us!

The Basics

Bowlero Scottsdale

101 and E Mayo Blvd

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