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Big Air Chandler

Big Air is the newest indoor play place in the East Valley, and it is humongous! This is their first location in Arizona but not in the United States. In addition to all of the fun things you’ll see pictures, they also do Cosmic Nights (where they lights are turned down low and lasers and strobes are on with pumping music). We are not night owls, so we headed home before it went cosmic.

Big Air is located at 2840 S Alma School Rd in Chandler. You’ll want to fill out a waiver before you go, but just in case, you can also fill out a waiver when you get there or on their app as well. Temperature checks were done at the door.

Big Air, like others, requires their socks. So, make sure you factor that in to the price. You can also purchase your time online. Prices are different based on the person’s age and how much time you jump.

Prices are Apt to Change-Please check Big Air’s Site for the latest prices

There is an area for putting on your socks and storing shoes. There also lockers available.

Big Air has plenty of rooms for parties too! Look at all that spacious room for fun parties!

Big Air has this fun feature-a bull ride! The only issue my kiddos had was getting on top of the bull. But, once Dimples figured out that he could climb up from the head, it was game on!

Big Air also had a ninja zone area for kids, similar to many of the other trampoline parks. So, although Big Air sounds like it is a trampoline park, it is much, much more!

Or, it may even be a little birdie’s perch for your little kiddo!

A Battle Beam area for kids (or adults) to balance and knock each other down and out was available for people to test out their abilities.

A huge pillow for jumping in. No lie, if I jumped in there, I would never want to get out.

There were lots of climbing walls available! One even looked like a Rubic’s cube, and was the most popular one.

There was a very small area for kids 6 and under, and it was tucked far into the corner of Big Air. If you have a little one with you, they might see the rest of the place and then see their little space and be a little disappointed with the toddler/small kid area. I thought it was a little bland.

Two different height basketball hoops and dunk areas were available. There was also a dodgeball arena (not pictured).

The other really cool thing at Big Air was this video screen. Kids could take a picture of themselves and then see themselves on the screen and jump along with their character. Imagine yourself as character in your favorite video game hopping over obstacles, and now you can do it!

I think this was the coolest thing to see at Big Air, and what really differentiated them from the other indoor trampoline places I have seen across the valley.

If you are in the east valley or have a kid who likes video games and wants a little movement in their life, Big Air is a cool place to check out. I really recommend this place for five plus, even though they do have a little kids area. I think when your little ones see everything that is available for the big kids, they will want to do it all. Big aAir does have Toddler Times on Wednesdays from 10am-1pm ( Check their site just to make sure it is still occurring) so that the little ones can take advantage of all the fun.

Big Air also has a small cafe with pizza, food and drinks.

Tumbleedweed Park (Playtopia!) is also nearby!

The Basics

Big Air Chandler

2840 S Alma School Rd, Chandler

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