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Best Parks for BIG Kids!

We have a great post for great parks for Toddlers, but sometimes your kids GROW and you need a park where there are things for big kids. This post is dedicated to the Best Parks for BIG kids!

Now that my kids can run freely and I don’t have to worry that they will fall off of every stair, I can enjoy parks a little bit more. There are some amazing parks that I feared when I had three kids under four. But now that my kids are 11, 8 and 7, I can truly enjoy.

Mesa Riverview Park

mesa riverview

Mesa Riverview Park has this towering rope feature that will scare many grandparents and parents alike, and it towers over most of the park. Along with this huge structure, there is a lake and the park itself is huge. I have heard many parents freak out about the different areas that kids hide. The Park also backs up to busy streets and doesn’t have a lot of parking-and its all on street parking. Putting this all together, it is not the most friendly for the tots. It does have a splashpad, but even that area isn’t the most tot friendly, other than being gated.

Red Mountain Park-Mesa

red mountain mesa
The “Spin Master” One big spinning wheel with multiple spinners on top

Another park that would be fabulous for bigger kids with different contraptions. A playground near a lake-really screams big kids too! There are a lot of great things to climb and move-all at the same time! Also, there are basketball courts, soccer fields, volleyball courts, baseball fields and lots of greenspace too.

Christy Cove Park Phoenix

Christy cove park

This park in North Phoenix has an awesome zip line. you have to be a bigger kid to be able to work it (at least five). There are towers to climb and paths to enjoy and a basketball court as well.

Mansel Carter Oasis Park-Queen Creek

mansel carter oasis

This park in Queen Creek has a nice splashpad that is undergoing renovations in 2021 (should be open in April). The playground is on the top of a hill and is under a shade. Unfortunately, I realized after not seeing my children for a while when I let them go to the playground for a bit, that the playground had slides that went down to the lake side on the other side of the hill. This is why I like to call this a “big kids” park. This park can get overwhelming when there are a lot of people or if you have more than one child!

Signal Butte Park Mesa

signa butte park

This park is very original in design and my kids love the different rope designs and contraptions. While it isn’t limited to big kids, my kids just love the different obstacles available.

Festival Fields Avondale

Festival Fields Park in Avondale has a a huge tower for kids to climb, which is my oldests’ favorite item. Plus, it also has a small ninja track, fishing pond and skate park.

Gilbert Regional Park

The Gilbert Regional Park has a huge tower to climb, a cement slide that goes down a hill, a zip line and fun tube slides that go down a hill too. This park is huge in size!

Gilbert Regional Park

Eastmark Park Mesa

Eastmark Park in Mesa is a huge park and has a lot of different climbing features. Just because of the sheer size and that it is near water, I highly recommend this for older kids if you don’t have a one to one Parents to child ratio.

eastmark park

What are some of your favorite parks for big kids?

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