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Sometimes my kids ask me a question and I do not know the answer. It is rare, of course ( HA Ha), but I want to find out more information for them. And, usually for myself too.

My youngest, Dimples, asked me how Bees make honey. I sort of knew how, but not really. I knew bees lived in colonies and there was a queen, but I don’t know much more. We decided to do some investigation!

The Binocs Youtube channel has a lot of great videos!

Another Great Video to Check out.

And more information about bees!


Teachers Pay Teachers– Study Pack-128 Resource guide. Puzzles, Life Cycle, Face,ts Word Search and More

Bees and Pollination-2nd-4th Grade 40 Pages

Bees Unit- 2nd-4th Grade

Bees Coloring Page


Bees- A Honeyed History-Piotr Socha-How Bees have played a part in History. Anatomy and more!

Amazing Bees Sue Unstead-DK REaders L2 Good for 5-7 years olds reading with support

You Wouldn’t Want to Live without Bees– Alex Woof-Ages 8-12

The Bee Book-Create a bee friendly garden.

Crafts and Projects

Busy Bee Printable Pack

Beehive ideas!

Honeycomb Craft Ideas

Life Cycle

Check out our Pinterest board for more ideas!

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