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AZ Air Time-Scottsdale

AZ AIR TIME is permenetly Closed as of 1-7-2019


We were in the neighborhood, checking out the Teddy Bear Fair at the Ice Den of Scottsdale, so we decided to take a look at AZ Air Time. AZ Air Time is located a few doors down from Playtime Oasis.

Az Air Time doesn’t look too big from the outside, but looks are deceiving with this place. It’s HUGE!


First you have to check in and sign a liability waiver. You can also do this online before you get there. If I had planned this, I would have done it ahead of time. It’s not too hard to do on the ipad, but I sometimes forget that they don’t have the same shortcuts for filling these things out! My kids got a bit impatient, but that was ok. You also have to get grippy socks. You can use grippy socks from any location (if you went to another trampoline place), but they can’t be regular socks. The staff also put stickers on my kids backs on what shoe bin they had. That was nice, so we didn’t have to drag the shoes around with us (or I didn’t have to put them in my pocket book). At AZ Air time, the foam pit is an extra cost. Since we didn’t score any discounts on this visit through one of the group discount sites, I decided we would just be jumping.

They have a dodgeball court, the foam pit, lanes for different ages to jump and a 6 and under area. My husband went with Dimples to the little ones area and I stayed with the Munchie and Giggles in the bigger kids area. However, we all ended up over at the 6 and under area (which was much better for my kiddos).


This was the area where there were different lanes for different ages. Giggles kept going over to the big kids lane, which was a little hard to get her to understand that it was dangerous. There is a bridge for the big kids to cross the first lane so that they don’t “shake” the little ones. However, it wasn’t always that helpful.


Here’s a look at the cafe from a distance. There are tables throughout the whole place so moms and dads can hang out while the kids jump.


This is the dodgeball court from a bit away. You can see all the tables and chairs. Each area has a monitor to make sure kids aren’t laying on the trampolines and are not purposely bumping into one another.


This is the are where you check in for parties, and you can see that there is a gate for the small kids area as well.It wasn’t closed when we were there, but it looks like they often do that.


The Under 6 are featured two bounce houses and a two lane bounce house, and a few “games” (that you can win prizes for and have to pay money for).



Luckily Dimples doesn’t understand that you could win anything, because mommy doesn’t spend money on those things. He likes to push the buttons anyhow.

IMG_8841[1]Here the nice “two lane” jump area for the kids. I was so happy they could all play together with little ones without getting bounced around. They were all very happy here.

I also noticed there were massage chairs (the electric ones!) and a lot of other games during at the front. If you have a teenager and young kids, this is a great place for everyone to enjoy themselves and get a work out on. There is also “Club Teen” on Friday and Saturday nights, which sounds like a great place for teenagers They also had some sort of scent mister in the air that reminded me of a bubblicious gum I had growing up. It made me crave it, but there was no sweaty stinky smell! Woo hoo!

I really enjoyed the AZ Air Time, but wished the foam pit didn’t cost extra. But, they have to make money. It was easy to navigate around it so no one was upset about that!

The Basics

AZ Air Time

13802 N Scottsdale Rd, Suite 105

Scottsdale, AZ 85254




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