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Avondale Friendship Park-Park by I10

There are three awesome playgrounds in the Avondale Friendship Park. If you haven’t been to Avondale Frienship Park in a while, it’s time to check out the new improvements, including the playground by the pond  and the new splashpad .


This park is the closest to I-10. It has a huge parking area, nice bathrooms, lots of ramadas and a toddler playground as well as big kid climbing structures and boundless playground areas too.


There are two shaded areas of the playground. Most of the playground is mulch covered ground, but some of it is rubber.



The toddler area has a miniature version of the big kids area, with climbing areas, slides, stairs and a see saw.


The see saw was more of a spring saw, and there were a few chairs for spinning on closest to the toddler area. If you have a new walker, the toddler area might be a bit precarious. Follow closely. There are also two benches closes to the toddler area, but unfortunately, you don’t have a good view of the rest of the park from them. The best spot to see most of the action is a ramada right near the bathrooms, but there are no chairs (so bring your own). The ramada is closes to the big spinning and climbing wheel!


This is the big wheel. Yes, it turns and you can actually climb up it. Every parents…dream. Dimples loves pushing it (good for him) and Munchie loves climbing on it, and Giggles loves sitting on it. I love..watching them for small amounts of time. This thing makes me dizzy. Very dizzy. You won’t see me pushing it around and around, and God bless those parents who do it. I usually encourage my kids to find a buddy and switch off. Not recommended for kids under three.



Ahhh spinny chairs (fun for kids, not this mom)


There is a little rock wall with holes in it for hiding from mom and scaring her.


And lots of climbing for the big kids.


Here is a creative spinning thing you stand on. Dimples liked moving it around but not on it. He was a bit too little for this one.


For the dare devils that like to climb through things while they are up 5 feet off the ground. There is also a “slide” with no sides. You get up to it and put your feet around it!


And then two globes to spin in. Multiple kids can fit in and around this. YAY!


This other shaded section had more of a boundless entrance to it and had a little bit for the wee ones- slides, movement items (like the balls in the domes to move and shake), and a “santa sled”


This was boundless accessible and rocked back and forth, but kids could easily get on and off of it while moving without getting hurt. It’s actually called a “cruizer” but I like calling it Santa’s sleigh or sled!


These things…I don’t know what exactly to do with them, but the kids love crawling in, out and around them!

2016-11-06-11-09-40They also lead up to the tri-slides


The drum and music area is right near the ramp entrance to the boundless area. Beat those tom toms, kids!

The kids loved the swings. Giggles and Dimples really liked the saucer swings, and you really do need someone to push them!


A nice view of the park. Green space, walking trails, basketball courts, bathrooms and ramadas with picnic benches were all near by. On the other side of the bathrooms is the splash pad.


The Bathrooms also had changing tables, which was amazing!!

The Basics

Avondale Friendship Park-Playground by the splash pad and I-10

12325 W McDowell Rd

Avondale, AZ



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