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Asante Library Surprise

Asante Library is the newest member of the Maricopa County Library District. Officially opened in February 2020, this library now especially services the northwest corner of Surprise that has been rapidly growing the past few years.

We actually did a park review of Asante Park a few years ago when there was not much around-and boy has the neighborhood changed! Luckily there has been a lot more growth, the school is back open and now a public library sits right on the park grounds.

Asante Library is located at 16755 W Vereda Solana Drive in Surprise. It is right off of Pat Tillman Blvd.

The Asante library is a small 10,000 square feet, but it does pack a punch with everything it has. And, the design is very modern.

Bathrooms are located in the front of the library, very similarly to Northwest Regional Library and the White Tank Library.

The teens and children’s section is to the right when you enter the library, and the adult section is to the left.

childrens area

More sitting areas for kids and families.

the multipurpose

And, here is the lovely multi purpose room with the librarians modeling it (Thank you ladies for letting me take the pictures!).

back terrace

There is a lovely back terrace at the Asante library that overlooks the baseball fields. The doors of the library open up to the fields!

glass study rooms

There are three glass enclosed study/conference rooms in the library. Personally, I would rather be in an enclosed space if I was studying and not on display. I kind of feel like these are fishbowls. But, because the library is small, I am guessing they made this design so that it kept it the open air continuity.


There are two different sections of computers on the adult side of the library.


And, there were many lovely seating options throughout the library near the windows.

I loved that there was the angular shields on the building to still get light into the building, but allow it so that the sun wasn’t blinding. I think this library will have a lot of great things to offer the community and is really just an amazing community center in the northwest corner.

Asante Library will start hosting events in March 2020.

The Basics

Asante Library

16755 W Vereda Solana

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  1. Sunnie on February 11, 2020 at 8:56 am

    Thanks for posting, this is in my area! I’m really glad they built it. And that park is great! 😊

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