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Art with Me AZ

Are you looking for a moms night out (or day out)? Perhaps a fun time with your kids or just a chance to work on developing your artistic side?

My friend and blogger Ashley of Mommy Daze, Boy Mom Stories went with me to enjoy some art! Ashley has four boys, and I have two boys (and a girl), so a day out with art was just what the doctor ordered!

I have always been a crafty person. You can take that whichever way you would like. My grandmother and mother would never sit down without having some project in their hands, so I need to give them credit for my craftiness. Whether it was a crochet project, a knitting project or something else-they always were crafting. My mom always made sure I had paints, crayons, markers and chalk available. And, my kids have had the same experience. My garage is full of different craft pieces. My house is known for all the crafts ( and the mess). And, the outside of my house just might have glitter all over it. This is completely by accident, but that is a story for another day.

More than just a paint party

Art With Me AZ has open classes for clients to come in and paint to their hearts content with no instruction, or you can do a paint party. But, there are many more options that are available. Ashley and I did a paint pour.

easels art with me az

The Easels were all set up for anyone to come in!

our paint pour art with me az

Our supplies were set up and were were about to get started!! And, look at all that beautiful artwork on the walls!

Getting Started on Our Paint Pour

Jessica art with me az

Jessica, our fabulous host and owner, shows us how to mix the colors and what we will be doing. She is not only fantastic and the art, but she is also hilarious!

Ashley is doing a beach paint pour. She picked some blues and greens and is pouring away. Doesn’t it look swirly and romantic?

I was going to do a wave pour, but I first needed to cover the canvas with white paint. My instruction was to cover the whole canvas with white first. And, I needed to empty out the whole bottle. Well. I can’t be NORMAL emptying the paint out. I mean, haven’t you always wanted to squeeze out an entire tube of ketchup? Oh, this was just so cathartic!

After Ashley poured her paint, she got to tilt her painting back and forth, making the paint move. How fun is this?

There are no mistakes, just redirects

I spilled my paint, and it was supposed to be a waive, but I globbed it too much. The paint was going together and it wouldn’t look like a wave. So, instead, I made it look like lava! I ended up covering the whole entire painting with red, orange and yellow paint. It was GLORIOUS!

fire art with me az

What is Jessica doing now? She is adding fire to my painting. I have to say I was a little jealous I didn’t get to do the fire part. The fire is added to activate these bubbles that open up from silicone to make bubbles. As Jessica mentioned, “The paint will do what the paint will do!”

If you noticed the paint drops all over the tablecloth and thought “Gosh, what a waste”, Jessica has a solution for that too!

Look at this beautiful jewelry she makes out of paint mess!

water and fire pictures at art with me az vicki and ashley

Here we are with our paintings! We had SO much fun. I honestly wasn’t planning for my picture to come out this way, but honestly, I’m so happy it did. I think it came out even better than planned. And, Jessica said no one had used these colors before so it was pretty eye opening! Sometimes the mistakes lead to the best art, you just have to be open to it.

After we left, Jessica let it dry and put a sealant on it so that it wouldn’t be damaged. She gave us a buzz after a few days to let us know it was ready to be picked up!

Finished Product

finished vicki art with me az

I am super happy with how my art came out. Plus, it really can be hung any way. It will add color to my house, which is brown, brown, brown and more brown! This will definitely spice it up.

Ashley and I had a lot of fun, and Ashley has already scheduled some mom classes for the homeschool groups. Jessica offers kid classes, jewelry classes, paint parties, wire classes, cookie decorating and so much more!

The Basics

Art with Me AZ (next to Party Planet)

13839 W Bell Rd Suite 105

Surprise, AZ 85374

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