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Arrowhead Lakes Park

arrohead lakes

Are you looking for a park that has a good toddler space and big kid space, with basketball court, sand volleyball court, greenspace and is tucked away but near a busy place?

Arrowhead Lakes was recommended to us from one of our readers and can suit even the your family! If you have kids that love to dig, bring some sand toys too! This park is great for the smaller toddlers too because the slides are really gentle. And they go right to the softer gummy landings.

Dimples in the windos

Dimples shows us the windows on the upstairs of this play area, which can be used as dramatic play area.

nice slides and wiggles

These nice wiggle wobblers for the kids were available and there were two baby slides not under the canopy. There were no big kid swings, which was a slight miss.

big kid playground

The big kid playground had items that were not too big that the toddlers wouldn’t be able to navigate it. So, very versatile for the slides. However, not so much a challenge for some of the bigger kids. However, there was a sideways ladder that could make it interesting for bigger kids to navigate. There was sand at the big kids playground as well.


Why would we slide down the slide?  Lots of slide options and climbing options available.  Benches galore surround the park, as well as greenspace too!


There were also two ramadas as well to sit under which was nice for shade. There are no bathrooms at this park, and parking is only on street, but the road is not busy at all. The scenery is very beautiful and you will love the open space this park provides!

The Basics

North 56th Ave and W Mohawk Ave

Glendale, AZ


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