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Arizona Science Center-Guided Tours

If you have been missing the the Arizona Science Center, well, there is some good news-The people at the Arizona Science Center has been missing you too. And, they have come up with a way for you to enjoy it with social distancing in mind.

Make sure that you reserve a time before you go to make sure that you have the best experience.

As of June 2020, the Guided experiences are “Yuck, the Science of Gross”, “Stellar Space Science”, Extra-Ordinary: The Science of Superpowers”, and T-Rex Unearthed:The Story of Victoria”.

We (the royal we, meaning I) picked the story of Victoria. I really wanted to see the exhibit. Plus, it’s my name. So, I got to choose this! And, my kids love dinos too. June 20th will open Guided experiences to the general public. Make sure you check out the Arizona Science Center’s website for the most up to date information.

When we went to the parking garage right near the Arizona Science Center (Corner of 5th Street and Monroe)

There is a new parking validation area that is self serve now.

I think it was the first time I saw it so empty! Always grab a ticket and make sure you bring it in for validation. Make sure you also have a mask to enter the science center, or one will be provided for you.

After checking in, we waited by the gift shop for our guide to come and get us for our tour. The tour is guided (as I have said) so there is no free roaming throughout the science center, My oldest was a little apprehensive of this, but once we got going, he came over to me and said “I think I like this even better mom!”

Our first stop was on the third floor. Our guide Chloe talked about tectonic plates and how they move. She also showed us how they create new landforms like mountains, volcanoes and trenches. The kids were able to wander around the forces of nature area for about 40 minutes and do a few experiments with Chloe too.

Forces of nature.
Seeing how erosion works

Cookie Experiment

Next we went outside for a cookie experiment, where the kids had to unearth the chocolate chips. The Chocolate chips represented “bones” and the cookie part was “Dirt”. The tools were paint brushes and toothpicks.

Our big winner was Dimples with 17 chocolate chips. It was harder than it looks. We hopped back inside as it was pretty warm outside.

But, we did get to take a picture with a John Deer Tractor first!

Meeting Victoria The T-Rex

Victoria the T-Rex was found in South Dakota completely by accident. She was all cleaned up and processed in Victoria, British Columbia Canada (hence the name-Victoria) and the Arizona Science Center was the first stop.

We went into the education room to learn a little bit about Victoria before we went into the viewing area. Some of the items were 3D printed. 3D printing is really new to me (I admit, most of my knowledge of 3D printing has been learned Grey’s Anatomy). But, you will definitely want to pay attention to the presentation. It really is interesting.

Can you tell which items are a 3d print and which items are not? I guessed two items correctly.

Victoria didn’t seem to really give me a welcoming face! What do you think?

Why does Victoria have two heads? Well, the one that is on the body on display is a 3D Print, and this one in the case her actual head they found. It would be too heavy for display, so they put it in its own case.

Different types of roars. Can you feel the roar and the sound that different animals make?

This was a really cool “make you own 3D hologram dino”. It was so neat. The dino design is determined as “probable” or “improbable”. But, it is fun to see what happens anyhow. I made a purple dinosaur with tons of feathers. Because, why not!? Who really knows what color it was anyhow?

Munchie making his Dinosaur
My dinosaur hologram

There’s my Dinosaur. We will call it “Ickisaurus 2020” LOL.

Here is a little island where you can see Victoria as she would have been long, long ago. See the volcano erupt too!

In the end of the exhibit, is this cool walking path where there are video screens with dinosaurs that seem to sense you walking by. Make sure you also look UP too!

After the Victoria visit, we got to go to the Planetarium for a show. Right before, we had one little experiment-how things make an impact on dirt (like meteorites on the moon).

Our show was featuring NASA’s next steps-Mars!

We had a great time at the Arizona Science Center on the Guided Tour. My oldest fidget with his mask the most. The other two didn’t seem to care about it, and didn’t mind a bit.

The Basics

Arizona Science Center Guided Tours

600 E Washington Street

Phoenix, AZ

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