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Arizona Falls

Did you know that there is a waterfall in the Phoenix metro area? Yes! Arizona Falls is located at 5802 E Indian School Rd in Phoenix.

Before you get to excited, it isn’t a naturally occurring waterfall, but it is pretty and accessible to the public. AND it helps power homes in the area using hydro-electric power too!

Herberger Park shares the same parking lot (it only had tennis courts, so we didn’t investigate). But, nearby is also Paiute Park and Arcadia Park as well!

But back to Arizona Falls. To get to the most picturesque part, you will have to go down a set of stairs. I did find that depending on the wind, parts of the areas could be a little bit slippery, so be a little careful on how you step and don’t run. Some of the areas could be in the shade too!

Giggles is enjoying the beauty of the falls.

The falls produces electricity for about 150 homes.

This is posted right near a water fountain, ironically enough! So, don’t try to go for a swim or dip your water bottle in the canal.

The water rushing is pretty loud, and super pretty. Munchie said “I wonder if this is what Niagara Falls is like.” I have been to Niagara falls as a child and as a teen. I laughed and said “umm, much much much louder!”

If you are wondering about the accessibility. There is an area where strollers and wheelchairs can overlook Arizona Falls, but cannot go to the lowest level.

I loved seeing all the wonderful signs about the history of Arizona Falls I suggest taking some time and reading all about it with your kids (or on your own!). It’s a fun, different “date location” too!

Before the water goes into the “falls” it goes through this interesting process. I’m hoping this also would prevent someone from going down the falls? I’m not really sure! There is a dirt path (canal trail) that runs along side the canal.

I really loved this impromptu trip we took to the Arizona Falls and highly suggest going. It is a great place to go with kids to take a look at hydro-electric power.

The Basics

Arizona Falls

5802 E Indian School Rd


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