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Are you thinking about being your own boss?

Rachel be your own bossIf you have ever dreamt about being your own boss but weren’t sure on how to do it, Rachel of “Restyle Junkie” Has you covered.

Rachel Trimble, “Restyle Junkie” and Social Media Maven, has created an online course to help you make your side hustle become your main hustle.

Rachel was an ordinary gal working a job until an injury sidelined her, which caused her to be off her feet for a long time. Instead of sitting on the couch feeding her sorrows, she scooted around her kitchen repainting her cabinets-which turned into a business idea! She then repainted cabinet for friends and family, and then taught others how to do it themselves or would do it for them. Rachel became a sensation at local home shows, Pinterest and then even a national following! Now Rachel is offering classes to show you how to make your side hustle or small idea into the main business. There is no more guessing on which steps to take.

By watching this course, you will learn how to easily navigate the process of starting a business, as if you were talking to a wise friend who has been through the hoops-without all the unnecessary fluff you don’t need for your startup.

How to be your own boss

Rachel also talks about one of the most important aspects about a start up-Customers and clients! Who will be your main customer base, and how do you treat them? And, how do you get them? Most importantly, how do you keep the customers you already have?

This course will help you develop the knowledge you need as a business person without wasting the time you don’t have. Rachel has provided invaluable information in a comfortable and conversational format, which will help you as a business owner pave your road to success.

Click here for more information on getting started on the lessons.

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  1. Avatar Kim on November 26, 2018 at 7:00 pm

    I have wanted to start my own business. Just don’t lnow how to het started.

    • Vicki Vicki on November 27, 2018 at 11:27 am

      Rachel’s program would be perfect for you!

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