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When we hear of a new business coming into Surprise that’s kid oriented, we have to check it out! I was able to meet with Jamie, the Franchisee, about Aquatots and tour the facility. Even though there are a few minor details they are still putting in (lockers and door hinges for autoclose changing doors), the place was GORGEOUS!

If you are looking to hear about our experience with Swim Lessons, Check out our post here!

When you first walk in, you will see the check in desk and lots of seating areas so you can watch your kids (if they are older) or you can join them in the pool!


This is also where they will have birthday parties and other events. The seating was nice and comfortable and there are some tables so you can bring yourself a coffee and a snack while your kids take lessons (Aqua Tots is in the same lot as Dutch Brother’s and Cobblestone Auto Spa where Dunkin’ Donuts is-and near Sprouts too!). If you have runners, just be wary of the automatic door to the entrance so your runners don’t run out! There’s plenty of seating away from the door so you can corner the kiddos. There is also a little play area with toys for those who are waiting for their turn to take lessons!


This pool is a gorgeous place to go have a lesson. It’s indoors and temperature controlled. The air and water temperature in the pool area is about 90 degrees, so no freeze shock when you get out of the pool.

The pool goes down to about 5 feet in the center, but is between 3-4 ft elsewhere in the pool.


Showers are conveniently located right in the pool area to rinse off.

You can exit a door to the pool area (the handle to get into the pool is nice and high, so littler ones can’t open it themselves. But of course be very careful!)

There are 12 stalls in the changing area, as well as a mens, women’s and family bathroom. Many of the changing stalls having changing tables in them as well-which is helpful for the littler ones! The floor is also a gummy material to prevent slips and trips.



Message boards and water fountains (don’t drink the pool water, haha!) and where some lockers will be going!


The drying off/fix yourself up area which had some bathroom necessities and will have a mirror as well! There will also be a bathing suit dryer so that you can have a not so soggy bathingsuit to bring home as well!

Aqua Tots isn’t just for tots that haven’t learned to swim yet. They also offer lessons for children up to age 13 (or so) and work on being comfortable in the water, safety up to stroke development. Aqua Tots will also be having open swims available, as well as parents night out and small kids camps! There is so much available, and what is more exciting is that it is in a convenient indoor facility that is temperature controlled (no need for suncreen!).

Water safety is so important. I highly encourage every parent to seek out lessons for their child (or teach your children water safety/swimming) because of the easy accessibility to pools-even if you don’t have one of your own. A neighbor may have one, a community may have one, a family member may have one-and there are just too many accidental drownings in our area. Aqua Tots provides a wonderfully clean indoor, temperature controlled environment so that you and your child are comfortable while learning an important life skill!

The Basics

Aqua Tots Swim Schools-Surprise

13833 W Bell Rd Ste 104 (Dutch Bro’s/Sprouts lot)

Surprise, AZ




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