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Aqua-Tots Swim Lessons Surprise

Have you thought about Swim Lessons for your Children at Aqua-Tots in Surprise? Aqua-Tots provides swim lessons for children from babies to twelve years old!

Aqua-Tots in Surprise is part of a large franchise of swim lesson centers across the world! With locations in Arizona and beyond, Aqua-Tots provides parents and children with wonderful lessons in small groups or private instruction.  There are mommy and me classes all the way up to swim teams! Check out our previous post on information about the waiting area, changing area, bathrooms and layout!

DeLuzio Family Background With Swimming

I (Vicki/Surprise AZ Mom) had taught Munchie (8) and Giggles (6) very basic swimming techniques over the period of two years. We have a community pool and grandparents also have a pool, so we were able to use that to teach them how to swim, jump in the water and get to the side of the pool. Both Munchie and Giggles were comfortable in the water, and Giggles had taught herself to float on her back to get to the edge of the pool as well. I will call them “survival” swimmers.

Dimples (4), had a bit more history with swimming. At two, he happily would jump into the pool and get wet with no issues. We tried a private swim teacher (not through Aqua-Tots) and after that experience, Dimples would not even step foot in a pool. He was petrified of the water and we had to encourage him to get into a splashpad. When he was 3 1/2, we bargained with him to put on a life vest, and he slowly made his way back into the water. I was able to get him to swim from about 4′ away from the edge of the pool to the edge, but he was angry, petrified and scared. He  would fight me when I suggested taking off the life vest, and getting water in his eyes created a loud screaming match! I knew that I needed more help.

Starting Out at Aqua-Tots

When looking to schedule lessons at Aqua-Tots, a good place to start is the Level Finder on their site. The Level Finder will have you answer a few questions along with the child’s birthdate to give you an estimate of where your child should be placed. Scheduling a free assessment is the next step. The assessments usually take place during a group lesson, and the instructor can see if the level is the correct place for your child.

Munchie and Giggles were at Level Four Seahorses, and Dimples was at level three. Each level has different milestones that they child is to meet in order to progress to the next level. Children receive a card with their name and information of what they are working on.

level card

Lessons are half hour classes, and can be group (4-5 students), Semi Private (2 students) or Private (1 student). Teachers are called “coaches”. Students can take 1 or more classes a week. Some parents opt to do the “fast track” to get the child’s skills attained faster/

The kids waiting area is a popular place to hang out, but I also bring a book for Munchie and sometimes our Ipads or Tablets.

Aqua Tots waiting area

Our first lesson the kids were assessed and the level that I guessed was the right one! Phew


Munchie (8 Boy)  and Giggles (6 Girl)

Giggles and Munchie at Aquatots

You can see Munchie looking super serious at his first lesson and Giggles was just having a blast.

What they have been working on is-floating on their backs, fronts and working on strokes (Freestyle and Backstroke), surface diving and a few other things. At the beginning of their time at Aqua-Tots, they barely had one star each. After two months, they both are almost ready to move up to level 5. Munchie really wants to wait for Giggles to level up too. Before Aqua-Tots, Giggles rarely did any swimming underwater and wouldn’t do any surface dives. Now, she loves going underneath the water, pushing off the wall and getting items from the bottom of the pool. Munchie has been working really hard on being on his back, backstroke and doing more with surface dives as well.

Swim STrokes at Aqua Tots




As you read above, Dimples was our challenge. Our trial time and lesson he started out super excitedAqua Tots Dimples

The first time was a bit of a struggle for Dimples. We were trying different combinations of Goggles and face masks to make him feel comfortable since he didn’t want water in his eyes.

dimples aqua tots

The Coaches were great at alleviating his fear, while still working on him to push past it.

I will be honest, and many of you parents may face this as well-There were a few times when Dimples said he didn’t want to go in the pool the first two weeks. In fact, in one of the dressing rooms, I was begging with him to just do his lesson. Luckily, Aqua-Tots staff and coaches realize that kids sometimes have fear. They have a treasure box full of lollipops at the front desk and even some chocolate milk you can buy if you need to ploy (or bribe) your child into doing the swim lesson. Let’s just say, there was one day it was full out bribery to get Dimples into the water. One time I even went into the pool area to tell him to get back into the pool. The staff was wonderful and helpful with this, and realize that this can happen. After that lesson, he no longer needed to be bribed and even said he was excited. It was truly a wonderful turning point. The coaches and staff gave Dimples Hi-Fives and lots of encouragement and played games too!

Another thing that can happen is children can have accidents in the pool. Excitement, fear or just for an unknown reason-it happens. If an accident happens in the pool, all children come out, the staff takes care of the mess and the pool is tested to see if it is clean and safe to resume. If not, the class is rescheduled for everyone in the pool. We did have that once happen while Dimples had a class. I’m not sure if it was Dimples that was offender-but it did happen. The staff is super kind about it and the admin staff will help you reschedule your class.

Dimples now loves going onto his back assisted, and even begs me to put him on my stomach-face up.


Coach Sandra and Dimples at Aqua Tots

Dimples was super relaxed in this picture, just one month after starting (and fearing!) being in the water without his vest on. We are still working on his comfort with his eyes in the water, but it is getting progressively better. Coach Sandra has been able to make some deals with him to “just try it”. And, the coaches have all given him tons of praise when he has done it, so he is encouraged to do it.

Before starting Aqua-Tots, Dimples was very apprehensive of being without his vest and would cling onto me for dear life when he didn’t have the vest on. I think our time at the Hollyhock Pool shows how far he has come in just one month.

We are looking forward to having our kids learn more in the next few months of swim lessons! Hopefully we will get Dimples to go comfortably underwater in the next month, and have Giggles and Munchie continue with their stroke learning and graduate to the next level!

Looking for swim classes? We encourage you to call or check out Aqua-Tots in Surprise or Peoria Locations in Arizona! Lessons are conducted in an air-conditioned facility but the pool and surrounding pool area is temperature controlled and comfortable for swimmers! No need for sunscreen or squinty eyes from the bright sun-Aqua-Tots has lessons available during the day, nights and weekends as well. Group lessons, semi private and private lessons are available. Aqua-Tots also hosts events and birthday parties as well!

The Basics

Aqua-Tots Surprise

13833 W Bell Rd Suite 104

Surprise, AZ

We received complimentary swim lessons in exchange for being an ambassador for Aqua-Tots. All opinions and experiences are 100% my own. 

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