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Apache Park-Peoria

We LOVE when people give us recommendations to check out a park and do a review!

And, this is a park that was so close to She’s Crafty Boutique, so we were able to have a wonderful morning of adventures!

Apache Park is at 8633 W John Cabot Rd. Well, it is about at that location depending on your GPS. Our GPS put us at Apache Elementary school, but the actual park is just a little east of the school.

This park has a lot for every age. Unfortunately, we went on a pretty hot day so we weren’t able to stay for too long, but there is quite a bit of shade. Two shaded playgrounds, trees over some of the benches and ramadas dot throughout the park. I also loved that the park was in a quiet area, and other than the school, there was barely any traffic.

A lovely shaded tot playground for the littles right near the bathroom! There are lots of slides, little rock walls and “small” challenging climbing obstacles.

A nice mix of mulch and rubber for the stairs. It leads to some cute tunnels. There are fall hazards for those with wee ones that are wobbly, so man the edges carefully!

The highlight of this park was definitely the big kids area! Monkey children rejoice!

Look at the beautiful and colorful playground. So many bright and welcoming colors!

Side climbing, upright climbing, monkey bars…so many choices!

There was also a rock wall to climb up, as well as so many choices of slides to slide down!


Three twisty and bumpy slides, nicely tucked under the shade at high noon!

Two more slides twist around each other (it reminds me of a water park!)

A tall bridge separates the slides. There are different ways to climb up to the slides all over the place. If you have climbers that are 4+, they will have a blast! Be careful of the wee ones following their siblings! Another rock wall is visible on the right side of this picture (making 2 rock walls at this play scape!)

There is also a ton of different climbing equipment that is not under the shade. Everything that twists and turns, and obstacles abound at this park!

There was also a HUGE greenspace available for kiddos that might want to run or play a pick up game of kickball. If you have a kiddo that is addicted to using their bike or ride on, the path around the playground area would be great for them to practice their skills.

This park is perfect for the kiddo who enjoys climbing around! And, its’ not too far from our favorite Library, Sunrise Mountain Library in Peoria.

The Basics

Apache Park

8633 W John Cabot Rd Peoria


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  2. Avatar Mark on November 13, 2018 at 11:43 am

    Thanks for the report, I had a hard time finding information about this park.

    • Vicki Vicki on November 14, 2018 at 10:07 am

      You’re welcome. Thank you!

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