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Anthem Community Park and Daisy Mountain Railroad

If you have never heard of Anthem, other than the Star Spangled Banner, where have you been? Haha just kidding with you.

Anthem is a section of North Phoenix that started in the late 1990s, as a part of a new development by Del Webb. If you don’t know about Del Webb, they are a huge nationwide developer. They purchased over 5000 acres of land (which was first named The Village at Desert Hills), and then was renamed Anthem Phoenix. Anthem is known for its outlet stores and its large Christmas tree, but also for the Daisy Mountain Railroad.

I had purchased an entertainment book, and because of Munchie’s broken arm and my leg injury, and the coupon book due to expire, it was the perfect weekend to head up to Anthem. About 45 minutes north east of Surprise, it’s a pretty easy trip to go either the 101 to I-17 or 303 to I-17.


We parked in the lot off of Whitman Drive on North Courage Trail, but it’s easier if you park in the first parking area off of Venture Court or go further north on N Gavilan Peak Parkway to another entrance.¬†(See map for details).


There are lots of little ponds (or lakes) spread around the park with ducks and other water fowl. Be careful of bird poop! There are also lots of green areas, baseball fields, volleyball courts, restrooms, ramadas and so much more!


And of course the train station at Daisy Mountain Railroad! If you are an Anthem resident, you do get a bit of a discount! The train was not running continuously on the day we were there, so you will want to stop by there first to see when the next train run will be (a little paper clock at the train will tell you).

The train ride was short but pretty fun and went around the two different playground areas, a few of the water features and through a small cave. It was even decorated for the season! Make sure little ones keep there hands INSIDE the train as it comes very close to the walls of the cave (inches or less) and a lot of brush!



Here’s the engine!


One of the playgrounds near the lower fields (baseball field), near where we parked. It was great for the smaller toddler kids with sand on the bottom. There was also a bathroom nearby!


The train also went around the HUGE adventure playground, with huge slides, climbing features for the bigger kids and shade canopies for the parents (except it was COLD that day).




A nice shaded toddler playground was also available for the really wee ones. It was a bit far from the big kids playground, but had a sand floor. There were a few benches around, but it was close to the railroad track. Although there was the fence and rock border, you may want to be extra careful of adventurous ones!


There was also a cool lady bug (and a bumblebee not pictured) that the kids really loved, and lined up to get into.


A small splash pad with great shade was between the toddler and big kid park. Too cold for today!


Even with a broken arm, Munchie needed to climb the wall and the wire between the rocks. Dimples even gave it a go! Thank goodness for soft, rubber ground!


Lastly is the Veterans’ Monument. I stood back to take this picture of my husband walking to the monument, because he is a veteran, as well as my dad and my brother in law who was KIA. This monument is super special, because it is aligned with the sun that on 11/11 of each year (Veteran’s day) at 11:11am the sun will shine exactly through each of the holes in the pillar onto the emblem on the ground. It’s truly breathtaking to see.

This park is a fantastic park to go to-and I hear people rave about it all the time. Unfortunately, all my pictures don’t quite do it justice as I was injured during our outing. So, expect some more pictures at a later date. In the meantime, check out the decorations around the train and enjoy the outdoors!

The Basics

Anthem Community Park and Daisy Mountain Railroad

41793 N Gavilan Peak Parkway

Phoenix, AZ




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