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Amazon Fulfillment Center Tours

Have you or your children ever wondered how your item from Amazon gets from your computer screen to your door step? Well, luckily Amazon Fulfillment Centers have public tours. You do need to register online before hand, and we will put that information at the bottom of the post.

Amazon started out as an online bookseller and then transformed into the behemoth of selling millions of items that they do now. Amazon has 5 fulfillment centers in the Phoenix valley.Not all of them have the same types of items. The center we went to in West Central Phoenix has smaller items (i.e. no lawnmowers or kayaks).

A few things to note before scheduling an Amazon Fulfillment (there are over 75 in the USA and Canada) Center tour:

  1. Tours of the Amazon Fulfillment Centers are generally at 10am or 2pm. (You can find tours in Chattanooga TN, Chester, VA, Jeffersonville, IN, Phoenix, San Bernardino, CA, Robbinsville, NJ, Dallas, TX and Brampton, Ontario, Canada.). If you are not on time, they will not let you in.
  2. No one under six is permitted, even babies in carriers. Since the facility is huge and there are so many working parts-conveyors, a lot of walking, machinery, etc) little ones are not allowed. My 8 year old and 6 year old went with me (she is actually 2 weeks shy of her 6th birthday but they allowed it). My kids did find the tour tiring. The Tour is about an hour and is made up of a lot of talking, walking and listening. I honestly would recommend the tour for 10 and up, especially if they have ordered or done purchasing online. My kids don’t really do that yet so I think they were a bit confused
  3. It is LOUD! There are lots of machines. The tour guides have microphones and each visitor gets a headset to listen to the guide. If you have been to the Musical Instrument Museum  or other museums or tours, you may be familiar with this type of listening set. It kind of looks like a cassette walkman! If we didn’t have the devices, it would be impossible to hear!
  4. You must wear your hair up and closed toe shoes. You cannot bring in anything other than a cell phone and keys. No pocketbooks or bags are allowed. Cellphones cannot be used to take photos, videos or audio and must stay in your pocket.
  5. They will give you a water bottle and you can take it on the tour. Since we are a set of clumsy people, we didn’t take it with us!
  6. The tour is pretty informative but moves along quickly. The building is 28 footfall fields large. The tour won’t walk all the way around the facility, but you do get to check it out from some amazing spots to see how big it is.
  7. The fulfillment building is all about logistics. If you have ever worked in a store before, you may have dealt with storing items, moving items, and having items come in and out on a truck. This is all of that with the ease of technology.
  8. It is climate controlled. Yes, there is AC! The fulfillment center is also operated 24 hours a day
  9. Yes, they are hiring certain positions. The staff looked happy and busy!! Available positions can be found through this link.
  10. The tour attracts lots of different people. There were a few other homeschoolers with us, but the majority of the group was senior citizens.
  11. While this is a walking tour, wheelchairs are allowed and accommodated.
  12. Bringing Kids? Here are a few points to consider
    1. Do loud noises bother your children?
    2. Are they good listeners and can they follow directions and not wander?
    3. Are they able to walk and stand for an hour and be patient?
  13. In case there are any issues on the tour, the tour guide had 2-3 assistants to help answer questions and make sure no one fell behind.

Tours at the Amazon Fulfillment Center are free. Obviously, they do not hold them all year (can you imagine it during the holiday season??). You can apply for a tour online but they do book up quickly.


The Basics

Amazon Fulfillment Center Tours

-Locations vary depending on demand. Check out their website for more information!

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