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Altitude Trampoline Park Phoenix

Are you looking for a family friendly Trampoline place in East Central/Arcadia area of Phoenix? Altitude Trampoline Park took over the old “Jump City” Location and gutted and replaced everything. Not only did they change everything, they added an amazing staff including the general manager.

While many times I speak only about the location, I have to give the general manager Joe a huge thumbs up! Not only is he passionate about making the location an amazing experience for families, but he also was telling me abou tall the families he sees regularly and remembers the families too. I was watching him and the other staff members interact with the families and you can see it was genuine, caring interaction. And, if you have ever seen my kids interacting with staff-they LOVE to talk with staff and see how friendly they are! The staff is super friendly, yet keeps the trampolines safe by enforcing the rules.

Checking in is easy, especially if you fill out the waiver online. You will receive a wristband and will need to either purchase or bring your jumpy socks with grips. There is a huge area in the middle of the venue with plastic picnic benches and bins at the end of each one. The bins are to put your items in (shoes, jackets, etc.)

Altitude phoenix seating

If you have valuables that you want to put safely away, there are rental lockers available.

Altituide Phoenix also has one party room that is very large in size. Parties that rent the room are free to bring in their own food.

Party Room altitude phoenix

Jumping around on all the trampolines can also make you very hungry, so there is a small snack bar with sodas and drinks and prepackaged food items. Beverages are also available at the check in.

check in altitude phoenix

Check in area.

seating area altitude phoenix


Altitude Phoenix has trampoline basketball courts! Many of the kids who were visiting while we were there were younger, but this area is good for teens who like doing tricks.

basketball hoops altitude phoenix

However, there was an area for younger kids. While it was mostly toddlers and young kids while we were there, it is good that there is an area just for the small kids near the dodgeball court!

small kids area altitude phoenix

In the front are also circus trampolines. Yes, Altitude in Phoenix has Circus Trampolines! If you have seen Cirque du Soleil, you have seen these types of trampolines. There are ledges where kids can sit or jump on and off! The Circus trampolines have more give so they can really get the kids going high!

circus trampolines altitude phoenix

Altitude also has many trampolines in squares and long runs for flips and continuous jumps.

altitude phoenix

Just a huge place to jump for kids and teens!

Altitude Phoenix

Dodgeball courts (2) are also available for the kids! When it is very busy, Altitude has referees for the dodgeball courts. There are also trampolines with the foam pits! Giggles loved doing tricks in the foam pits.


In the far left corner was a foam pit with a rock wall. The rock wall was challenging for my monkeys, but they had fun in the foam pit. Altitude also has a few video games scattered around the facility.

altitude rock wall phoenix


Sometimes you even make friends when pretending to play a video game.

Dimples Altitude Phoenix

In the far right corner was a battle area-with balance beam and two battle sticks. The little kids really liked trying to walk on the beam without falling off. It was kind of like a game of toddler chicken!


We really enjoyed our time at Altitude in Phoenix. There were tons of toddlers and young kids during the mornings and they get a lot of teens visiting at night. The manager and staff were really amazing, making Altitude a great destination in Phoenix to get your wiggles out!

The Basics

Altitude Phoenix

3921 E Indian School Rd

Phoenix, AZ

We received complimentary admission. All opinions are 100% My own. 


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