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Alta Vista Park-Peoria

Another day, another park. My oldest, Munchie, asks me every day “Are we going to a new park today?” I absolutely love finding new parks!

Alta Vista Park is at 107th Avenue and Williams Rd in Peoria.


We went to Alta Vista Park on Martin Luther King day, so there was a lot of different aged kids there in the middle of the day. That, of course, made Munchie very happy. The bathrooms at Alta Vista Park made me very happy!


The bathrooms are very basic with no changing tables. However, it worked for what I needed it for!



Love having a shaded playground. The parking lot was far enough away from the playground so that I didn’t feel too nervous letting the kids on the loose. There is a large grassy area that separates the playground from the street as well.

There are Tennis Courts (lighted) and a dog park as well, so be prepared to see lots of pooches!


This was the whole “big kids playground” that was shaded.



However, the little kids/toddler playground was not under the shade. I felt this was a huge miss. There was also monkey bars attached to this play area, which really made me question why little slides would be attached to this.


This climber also went up to the “Toddler” playground, which Munchie, 5, so nicely showed me “how to do it mom!”


Giggles demonstrates her frustration with getting on the monkey bars that were attached to the toddler slides. Behind her are a few swings and a basketball court.


A nice slide for the bigger kids.



And a rock wall to get to the huge slide. Munchie liked this. There was a manipulative (tic tac toe swivel thing) on top of this, but I wouldn’t let little ones go too close to the slide. The slide was pretty high up without much of an edge to the slide to keep little ones on if they are unstable.


Munchie next to the really tall slide that was a little scary for the littler ones.

The ground was a mix of mulch and gummy rubberized pavement. There were ramadas available around the park and a big grassy area for kids to run and play.

Of all the parks we have been to, I think this one had a lot of misses, other than the bathroom. The toddler playground was not laid out well at all, and that it was in the sun was a little bothersome as well. The play ground area was worn and looked its age in many spots. I think this is a good park to try out if you have older kids who like playing basketball or want to throw a frisbee or chase a ball around. However, I think it is a pass for those of us with toddlers.

The Basics

Alta Vista Park

10631 W Williams Rd Peoria, AZ


This park includes:
Basketball Courts, Covered Playground, Dog Park Onsite, Grills, Ramadas, Restrooms, Sandbox, Slides, Tennis Courts, Walking Paths

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