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Aleppo Park-Litchfield Park

Update 2017** 

It’s sometimes fun going back to a park that you haven’t been to in..gasp almost three years..and seeing how it has changed. And how my kids have changed! Oh my goodness. So, we went back and the shade and bathrooms are still the same, but the play structure is a different one…and there is now mulch instead of sand. Bummer!

The playscape has many more features for bigger kids, and there are some swift drops in the play structure. I actually have to go back to take more pictures, but like to keep things as updated as possible-especially when I know things have changed!

The play structure has a LOT more for big kids to do now, with a climbing rock wall, a “hole” wall, many more slides-but the mulch desperately needed to be filled in more. The triple slide to the bottom was a huge 2 foot drop and the steps going up was high enough for one of my mom friends to lift her leg to put her foot up and go “Yikes”! So, as friendly as this park had been for the littler ones, it is now much better for bigger kids with all the climbing features.

There is still bathrooms (YES) and a water fountain which turned into a splash pad for a few children. Ooops. Don’t waste water, children!! But, there is plenty of greenspace and a quieter neighborhood, which makes it nice for mom socializing.


If you aren’t familiar with Arizona, you might think the Subject of this blog post is two different parks. However, Litchfield Park is actually a city of about 5,000 people (according to the 2010 census). So, I decided to check out Litchfield Park’s Parks and I found Aleppo Park online.

Aleppo Park mentioned there was a play structure, Sand (we forgot our sand toys!) and bathrooms. Since Giggles is going through Potty training, and I hate to be house bound, having a lot of access to bathrooms is important. There were bathrooms, and while they were basic, they suited our needs. They did have keypads on the door, but were unlocked (phew!).



They also were located conveniently right near the playground!


Unfortunately, no baby changing areas in the bathrooms, but plenty of green grass and shade!



And lots of seating in the shade to watch the kids play. Also, there were grills and lots of green area for the kids to run around in.


But, the best thing of all was that this playground was covered! Woo hoo!


This playground was small and I think more suited to the younger kids. Giggles and Munchie had a great time playing on it.


A little tunnel to climb up to get to the slide.



Munchie wanted me to make sure I noted that it looked like a fire pole was missing where he was standing.


There was some monkey bars as well for the older kids.


A nice basketball area (bring your ball for an extra challenge for the kids).


And a beach volleyball court as well.


As well as lots of green areas! There is also a golf course nearby, and we saw golfers on their carts.

There is about 30-40 spaces behind the bathroom picture that I have above and parallel parking areas surrounding the park on the street. I, of course, parked further out than I should have, and then realized where I could have parked.

This is a great park for the kids and could be fun if you bring sand toys and balls for the kids to chase or dribble. I wish I had done that, but now you know!

The Basics

Aleppo Park

940 W Village Pkwy (Best Parking is off of W Hidden Terrace Loop)

Litchfield Park, AZ

This park includes:
Basketball Courts, Covered Playground, Greenspace, Restrooms, Sandbox, Slides, Toddler Friendly, Volleyball Courts

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