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Agua Linda Park Scottsdale

I love checking out new parks with my crew, especially when I have my chauffeur husband to drive me around. Google Maps was being a little crazy with this park and had us drive here, there and everywhere to get to this one. However, it is just down the street from the up and coming Great Wolf Lodge, which will be finished in the fall of 2019!

Parking to Agua Linda Park can be accessed from E. McDonald Drive.

Agua Linda PArk

Agua Linda Park was notated to have a splashpad, which is why we checked out this park. However, it did not. It did look very newly renovated. But, I doubt that it ever had a splash pad. The park was very nice, however not at all toddler friendly. So, if you have a toddler, this is not the park for you. This park is great for kids 5 and up if the love to climb.

Many of the features of the park seem to be in a style that seems to be taking hold in many of the parks we are now seeing. The parks seem to have a spider web type of appearance with many climbing features, but not many monkey bars. A strange tear drop park bench was right in the middle of the play area that seemed to be more of a tripping hazard. I wish they had more play equipment than something to sit on. There were other places to sit around the playground.

This Memory reaction game was similar to “Simon”. It was also in the sun, which made it really hard to see and do. My kids played with it for a few minutes but then kind of ran away. Maybe better for kids who have sensory issues and would like something different to do than play, but I always wonder about why we need to have electronics at a playground! I guess this just frustrates me more than anything else. Plus, it’s in the sunlight, so it made it harder to see. And, if the battery isn’t replaced or it gets damaged it seems like a big waste.

You can see a few others parks I have done reviews on that have had other electronic devices on that have not made much sense either. Paseo Verde Park and StoneBrook Park Surprise.


I’m not exactly sure how this swing would work, but I guess an adult could sit and have their baby in their lap facing the other way? It didn’t make much sense to me. That’s what the picture looked like. I guess if your baby never moves and is like a cabbage patch doll, you are good. My kids were all wiggly worms!

There were no baby swings at this park, hence, not toddler friendly again.


There was a cute playhouse for tots however at Agua Linda Park. Once again, I wish there were more for little ones to do, but my almost 6 year old could easily fit inside this. There were manipulatives on the side of the house to play with, but they were young for his age.

The climbing obstacles were really excellent for my almost ten year old and 7 year old and the slides were pretty exciting.

There were little ramada huts around the park, and older looking bathrooms that were in amazingly excellent condition with lights, toilet paper and actual bathroom seats and not metal! I think it was the best bathroom I have been to at a park. So, A+ on the bathroom!

A beautifully redone basketball court was available at Agua Linda Park as well as a sand volleyball court and plenty of greenspace. I think one of the things I like most about East Valley parks is all the large pine trees.

Although Agua Linda Park did not have the Splashpad I was hoping for, it had one of the best bathrooms in the valley. HA! But, unfortunately, it did not have the toddler things that many of my readers love. It had great things from kids 5 and up.

The Basics

 8732 E McDonald Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85250

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