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The Adventures of Bruce and Friends-Gale Leach Author

The Adventures of Bruce and Friends by Gale Leach is a wonderful, wholesome book about a caterpillar that isn’t sure if he will turn into a moth or a butterfly. Bruce feels like an outcast from his community, and is trying to find a place that will accept him for him.

The Adventures of Bruce and Friends are a four part series, with one being a mystery! Bruce and the Road to Courage, Bruce and the Road to Honesty, Bruce and the Road to Justice and Bruce and the Mystery in the Marsh are the four books in the series.

Through each of the books, Bruce meets new friends and shares their struggles. He finds that each new character he meets also has their own problems they are trying to solve. Together Bruce and his new friends work together by using their combined strengths to meet their goals.

Each character that is introduced has a tale spun around them, as well as a scientific explanation of what they do, eat and how they live. The books provide character building lessons along with science lessons too. Children and adults will learn a great deal about the each animal or insect that is portrayed. Chapters are short, so that middle elementary students feel accomplished with every chapter they read. The pace is quick enough to keep children involved in the story, but not too hasty so that children can dig deep and feel like they are part of the stories.

Each book builds upon the other and references the previous books, so the books are helpful to read in order. Both my 8 year old son, Munchie, and I felt that reading them in order really helped us understand the story and create a bond with the characters.

If you are looking for a character building book that is easily readable for late elementary or early middle school, The Adventures of Bruce and Friends is a wonderful addition to your home or school library!

Gale Leach is a local author to the Phoenix Area. In addition to the Adventures of Bruce and Friends books, she has also published The Art of Pickleball as well as a new series called “The Rift Chronicles-The Disappearance”. Gale has her own publishing company, called Two Cats Press. With input from her three grown sons and husband, and inspiration from her grandchildren, she has published these books and continues to write new books. You can find Gale’s books on her website, Gale or on Amazon!

My son and I were provided the set of books for review. All opinions are 100% my own. 

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