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A Letter to My Kids (and all Kids) in June 2020

Dear kids,

When I look back to a piece I wrote for 2020 (52 things to do in 2020), in December 2019, I was really hopeful for an amazing 2020. We had had our family struggles, as everyone does. I was feeling better from my health issues and things were coming back to normal.

January and February seemed to come and go as normal. We were signing the boys up for spring baseball. Giggles was playing soccer. Looking back on it now, everything seemed busy but so blissfully normal. We had no idea what March had in store for us. We were eagerly starting to plan our summer trips to the East coast with sight seeing in New York, Boston and our home state of Connecticut.

Right before your spring break, Coronavirus had hit the news. The fear of it was everywhere. I didn’t know if sending you to school before the spring break let out was the right thing to do or not. Many of your friends didn’t return to school right before break. During your school break, it was announced that there would be no more in-person school for the year, so you never got to say goodbye to friends you had made, and I am so, so sorry for that. Many kids didn’t get to graduate and might never say proper goodbyes to people they grew up with. What was supposed to be just a two week thing quickly turned into a month, then two months and now, I don’t even remember how many months it has been.

We returned to homeschooling and you learned the term “social distancing”. You had once eagerly hugged any person you met, held them by the hand at the park or rushed to someone on the field if someone got hurt. These experiences have all been taken from you this year, and I’m afraid that your caring, carefree spirit of helping others may be diminished these few months of all of us teaching you “social distancing”. You once rushed to help others, no matter who they who they are, but for fear you may give them germs that may be more harmful, you have been told that we need to stay away.

May came and you saw terrible violence happen on TV between a man and a police officer. It was so very sad, and no one should be treated this way. We didn’t mean for you to see it, just for us to talk about it, but it was everywhere. Peaceful Protests followed but then more violence followed, and you got scared that you weren’t safe.

You have traveled around the world and see people and know that God cares for all of us. Our home has welcomed people of all different nations, countries and colors. You see strangers as friends you haven’t met yet, and I’m so happy you want to know more about people and their stories and continue to want to keep learning.

I don’t know why this year has been like this. I don’t have all the answers, or why people do mean things to each other. I struggle with why adults treat each other mean when they should be teaching children, like you, how to be kind to one another. We are supposed to lead you guys to a better life. Adults don’t always do things right, and you are seeing that right now. But, I am here for you. I might stumble, but I am here to help you and listen. I want you to keep helping others.

This year is half over, but it has only half begun. That means we can still rescue it and make it a good rest of the year in our house and make some great memories. Will you help me?

Love, your mom.

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