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5 Parks to check out this fall!

We love to check out parks, and its time to pick out some great parks around the valley that you should take your kids for a great adventure!

Tempe Kiwanis Park

large slide area kiwanis park tempe

The Park in Tempe has so many different areas for kids! For big kids and toddlers! Kids who love to climb, slide or make music, or even zip will love this park!

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Red Mountain Park Mesa

Red Mountain Park Mesa

Red Mountain Park in Mesa had some awesome swings, and shade! Plus, there was tons of spinning items for kids to tackle, basketball courts and a lake.

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Westland Park Peoria

Westland Park Peori

Westland Park in Peoria is beautifully maintained plus had a toddler playscape, interactives and older kids playground. I also love that it has bathrooms!

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Coffinger Park Wickenburg

If you have a large family that needs an amazing place to have a reunion, you need to check out Coffinger Park in Wickenburg!

With a large covered ramada PLUS a gated playground and a skate park, Coffinger Park in Wickenburg is a hidden gem in the west!

gated playground coffinger park

Wildflower Park North Goodyear

Willdflower park north goodyear

An update at a park is always a welcome addition, and Wildflower Park had a wonderful upgrade. While this neighborhood park doesn’t have a bathroom, it does have this wonderful swing plus an amazing new playscape for kids to enjoy! Check out our full review here!

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