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10 Ways to Keep in Touch during Social Distancing

The Social Distancing during the Coronavirus is hard on everyone, but especially our teens and kids who are used to seeing other peers every day. For adult who have access to electronics like cell phones and computers, this may not be as difficult, but for kids who do not own their own gadgets, they might have a harder time with missing their friends.

Here are some great ways to connect kids with each other while maintaining social distancing.


Skype has a computer based option and an app based option. You can see who you are calling and can have group calling as well. There is also a screen sharing option as well. Your best bet is to be on Wifi, but you can do it on a mobile hotspot or on the go if you have a good cell connection.

There are paid options on phones that you may want to look at, but I’m always up for free if I can get it!


Zoom has basically become a verb the past few months for many in the tech industry. This awesome video conferencing system is free unlimited for 2 people, or up to 40 minutes for groups. You can also record, which is amazing for podcasters like me. WOO HOO! Video and audio is great, but just realize there is a time limit if you need more than 2 people in your group.


Because of the Covid19, Uberconference is allowing longer call duration and up to 50 participants! How awesome. You can sign up with Google, Linked in or email. The free version usually allows a 45 minute and 10 participant limit, but because of the Covid19, it is 50 participats and 5 hour call limit. There is call recording, Screen and document sharing, HD audio quality and Mobile apps. They also have a $15 business account.


Whatsapp is great for messaging people if they are in another country! Our family member who visited a few years ago from Spain used this to keep in touch with friends for free. There are text messages, videos and calling available. This is the best option when you need to deal with international calling.


FaceTime on Apple devices was one of the amazing things Apple really brought to life. However, the downside is your other participants need to also have an Apple device. FaceTime is easy to use, but unfortunate is proprietary to Apple.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts has great solutions like texting, voice calls and Hangouts Meet-Where you can have easy to join video calls. A 14 day free trial requires no software.


Whereby is free for one user and one meeting room, so if kids want to talk with one other friend, it’s a great option. There are also pro and business plans for more meeting rooms and multiple users.

Facebook Messenger for Kids

Parents need to set up the kids account and who they can chat with through their own account. I admit, I haven’t really let my kids explore this too much because I don’t want them getting into my account!

Kids can video chat with other kids, but only with kids who parents have approved.


You can check out GoToMeeting for a free 14 day trial.

Cisco Webex

Free accounts available and you can make MP4 recordings!

If your kids are into video games, I know a lot of kids are able to connect through their games like Minecraft and others! We would love to hear how your kids are connecting!

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