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10 Parks to Try Over Spring Break

When the weather is great in the valley, you want to be able to get your kids to enjoy the outdoors instead of the electronic screens. Take advantage of these parks that have a lot to offer kids of all ages and get their wiggles out!

I love having my children running, playing and using their imaginations, and there really is no better place than a park! The parks I have listed have tons of great spaces for the kids to explore. Bring some waters, snacks, lunches and hopefully prepare for a full day of fun!

Sundance Park Buckeye

Sundance Park Playground Buckeye

Sundance Park in Buckeye is located at 22865 W Lower Buckeye Road and includes: Baseball Field, Covered Playground, Dog Park Onsite, Greenspace, Grills, Lighted, Picnic Benches, Ramadas, Restrooms, Soccer Fields, Volleyball Courts .

The Playgrounds have lots of spinning obstacles, climbing features and there is a great fence between the playground and the parking lot. Read our full review for more details here.

Friendship Park Avondale

friendship park avondale slides

There are so many slides at the Friendship park in Avondale. Located at 12325 W McDowell Rd, this is definitely a great park to check out during spring break. This particular playground is nearest to the “i10” so I call it “Park by i10”. It is also closest to bathrooms as well. This playground also has boundless features as well.

You can read our full review on Friendship Park here.

Surprise Farms Community Park/Dick McComb Park

Surprise Farms Park

Surprise Farms Community Park is located at 175th Avenue and Surprise Farms Loop South. It has a lot of great green space, two separate playground areas, bathrooms, a splashpad, skate park and basketball courts. There is also a great walking loop that is paved and is great for kids to also ride bikes that is safe from the street . Shades were added in 2017 which make this playground a very nice one for small children too!

Check out our full review here:

Tolleson Veteran’s Memorial Park

Tolleson Veteran's Memorial Park

This climber is what I like to call “The dinosaur spine” and I have seen it at a couple different playgrounds aronnd the valley since going to Veteran’s Memorial Park in Tolleson. However, this wa the first place I saw it. I really love the features it offers. There are just so many different ways to climb around it or through it! The park offers an amplitheater, tot lot that is also shaded, ball fields, walking trails, green space, bathrooms and more.

To read our full review, click here.

Sahuaro Ranch Park Glendale

suhuaro ranch park glendale peacock

One of the most known parks in the valley is probably Sahuaro Ranch park. Located on old “Ranch” it has historic buildings and is also right next to Glendale Community College. It is also known for its peacocks that roam wild and free on park grounds. Weekends can be extremely busy at the park and it is also known for many events, so this is a great place to go on weekdays. There are also citrus groves on the park grounds, but there are also playgrounds, walking trails and it was also known for a great spot to find pokemon during the huge Pokemon go phase!

Check out our full review here:

Kiwanis Park Peoria

Kiwanis Park Peoria
watch out!!

Any park that has some sort of fear factor when you have two boys is a park you need to go to. And, that is Kiwanis Park in Peoria. This park is well hidden in a neighborhood, but has become kind of popular because of this feature: the seated zipline. The rest of the playground is very nice. There are two different playgrounds and a couple of great areas for kids (read the rest of our review for more) But the real fun is in the zipline. This is what spring break is all about. Taking risks and having fun!

Deem Hills Recreation Area Phoenix

deemhills playground

Deem Hills has hiking, soccer fields, restrooms, picnic areas, playgrounds and hills to roll down . This area is just absolutely beautiful. There is no iffs, ands or buts about it. I highly recommend Deem Hills for a hike or a bike this Spring break! Your kids will really thank you for some great fun! Check out the rest of our post on the playground!

Florence Ely Nelson Desert Park Scottsdale

florence ely nelson park scottsdale

This area is a beautiful oasis in the middle of the city. A nice little botanical garden which is centered near a shopping center and church, there are little walks that are kid friendly plus bathrooms, a little nature center and playgrounds and little spray features too! You can read our full review here:

Espee Park Chandler

big kids playground espee park

Espee Park in Chandler had a big area for little kids and big kids all under one shade, which is great for parents. Plus, it had a bike park, bathrooms, green space and a splashpad too! I loved that the history was posted in the park as well of “who lived in the area around “Espee Park”? History and Parks for Spring break!

This park really satisfies the whole family, plus had tons of parking. Check out our full review here:

Emerald Park Mesa

Emerald Park Mesa

Emerald Park in Mesa just has that great green look to it. The grass is green and it has a lovely little lake in it too. It almost has the look of a golf course-but in fact, it is the site of a frisbee golf course. Is it frolf? Folf ? I don’t know if there is a shortened name of Frisbee golf, but there is Frisbee golf here! There are two different areas of this park. The playground is situated at the west end and there is a parking lot here with a shade and a ramada. There is a bathroom on the east. A little problematic but if you plan your trip correctly you will be ok, or you could do a long drive over. There is also a volleyball court near the bathrooms as well. Read our full review here:

We tried to pick some different parks than the usual parks people would choose. But, which parks in the valley are your favorite? Hopefully you will find some new favorites on this list!

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