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10 Fun Things to Do at Home with Kids

The Coronavirus (or Covid19) has really changed our lifestyle from going and exploring new places to making us stay inside or be wandering our neighborhood. With that in mind, we know many other families are also struggling with ways to keep their kids having fun at home.

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  1. Make a fort inside. This is endless enjoyment for our kids. They use tons of blankets, pillows, couch cushions and stuffed animals for their enjoyment!

2. Do a Fun Science Experiment. There are some great experiments that you can do with kids. You can also check out our Pinterest board full of Easy Science experiments!

3. Send cards to family and friends to other parts of the country! Use your creative skills, practice handwriting and storytelling and enjoy the “ancient” art of being a pen pal.

4. Make a scavenger hunt! It can be for inside, or outside.

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5. Make decorations for a holiday, or make up your own holiday! Use Christmas lights to light up the inside of your room, house or somewhere else.

6. Take your clothes that are too small and learn how to sew a bear, quilt, pillow case. Kids can help cut and learn how to practice sewing.

7. Try different types of mediums to make art! Our kids love to watch crayons melt in the sun and then paint with them, they like chopping up chalk, adding water and painting with it. They love using water colors and seeing how different amounts of water changes the color. We also have tempera paints, as well as paints for t-shirts! Try all different types of mediums and see what your children come up with.

8. Try a game! We love playing games with our kids, and we have a post of them. But, if you only have a pack of cards, a couple easy games you can play with kids are-

-go fish, war, crazy 8s and my dad’s favorite, 52 card pick up (HA HA HA).

9. Dance party. This seems like a really simple thing, but it can really help loosen everyone’s nerves! Ask your kids what their favorite song is, and pull it up on your phone and play it. Make a playlist and let the kids dance and dance along with them. It will really help!

10. Make your own lawn games! We have a bocce set, a safe jarts set and horse shoes. But, I have seen people make up their own “tennis games” using paper plates and balloons. Can you make Bocce out of softballs? How about “people shoes?” Try getting creative with your kids!!

What fun things can you think of ? We would love to share your ideas with others!

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